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One Piece Ball Valves

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Two Piece Ball Valves

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Three Piece Ball Valves

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Three Piece Ball Valves S/E or S/W

One Piece Ball Valves Screwed End

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Jacketed Ball Valves

Amolee Provides a complete range of floating Ball Valves with a well-designed Jacketing facility.

Jacketing is designed in such a way that it enables the Valve to handle highly viscous
materials or materials that solidify at ambient or normal temperatures.

Jacketed Valves are used for steam, hot water, high temperature thermic fluid oil or other heat transfer media.

These Valves ensure free flow through the Valve and prevent clogging when the Valve is in close position

» Special Features :-

  1. Full or Half Jacketing options can be availed depending upon the design of Valve.
  2. Fully jacketed Valves are manufactured with One-Piece design Ball Valves. Valve body with flange is single piece Investment casting. No welding is done in flanges.
Jacketed Ball Valves-Drawing

Dimensional Details (in mm)