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One Piece Ball Valves

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Two Piece Ball Valves

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Three Piece Ball Valves

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Three Piece Ball Valves S/E or S/W

One Piece Ball Valves Screwed End

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Ball Valves Automation

Amolee– Valve Automation has in-house team for designing, & delivering efficient automation systems on our Valves

Pneumatic Actuation Systems :

Pneumatic actuators are the most commonly used valve automation systems. They are economical and utilize compressed air readily available in most plants. They are ideal for quick opening and closing in both on-off and control applications.

Quarter turn rotary actuators are available in two versions: single acting(spring return) and double acting.

Rack and pinion design provides a linear torque characteristic at all travel positions – for valves requiring constant torque

Scotch yoke design provides high torque at the beginning and end of each operation – for valves requiring high breakaway and seating torques


Electric Actuation Systems :

Electric actuators can deliver very high torques coupled with a gear box. They are compact, easy to maintain, and are widely used on large valves which
require higher torques. Motors for quarter turn and linear actuators are available as per electrical power supplies – single phase , Three Phase or DC.

Accessories :

  • Heaters and thermostats
  • Single or dual potentiometers
  • Servo controls
  • Motor brakes
  • Positioners
  • Transmitters